"Motherhood is incredible. And then it’s really difficult. And then it’s amazing. And then it’s messy. And then it’s the most beautiful thing I’ll ever do."

I'm Jamie of Jamie Meile Photography, and I specialize in newborn, maternity and family photography in southern, NJ/Philadelphia areas. You will find that my style is bold in colors, I embrace shadows, and I have a passion for what I do. I have been in love with photography my entire life and in 2011 I followed my heart and made it into my career after double majoring in Elementary Education and Writing Arts with honors. I have worked very hard building my business. This is a one woman show! Many of this came naturally to me for I was self taught the first half of my career. When I wanted to dig deeper and specialize I took countless workshops from many of our leading photographers in this world. There is never enough to learn and that is another reason this job is so fun! I love meeting new people and staying educated. It helps me grow!

I have photographed hundreds of family’s memories throughout the years. If you are looking for a session to showcase your family’s love, emotion, playfulness and realness I’m your girl. I will guide you every step of the way. 

photographer & mother of four children

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i'm Jamie

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red eye videographer. explorer for life.

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i'm diesel.

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artist in photography and tattoos

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i'm lincoln.

I'm happily married to a Jersey boy, a mother of four children and a fur baby. This is my team! My everything! I am a midwestern girl born and raised. My roots will always be in Wisconsin but I am enjoying the life we built here in New Jersey. I love walks on the beach, seafood, and wine! I am also a lover of light, sunsets, and positive thinking. I truly believe a positive mind makes a positive life. When I love I love hard! I wear my heart on my sleeve and have always been a people person. I'm as loyal as they come and will do anything for the people in my life. My clients aren't just clients to me they become friends. I care about every single one of them and am honored to photograph their treasured memories. I hire many wonderful photographers to photograph my family so I know what it feels like being on the other side of this. It is so important to me no matter what chapter we are in to be in the photographs with my children. These are so treasured and are definitely a luxury! When I hire photographers for my family I put a lot of work into it. First, I hire photographers based on their style to make sure it is a style I absolutely love, second I plan out everyone's attire months in advance to perfect the look I'm looking for. I hope when reading this you keep these tips in consideration when booking. Make sure you look over my work to make sure it is the style that speaks to you. It is an art and uniquely my own. I recommend booking your session in advance so we can get to know one another and plan out the perfect session for your family. Think of this as a custom VIP experience planning out your dream session. I also only take a limited amount of sessions per month to give my clients that extra attention they deserve. I look forward to documenting your memories; those small details, laughs, tears, chaos, and even the quiet moments. Life is about making memories and reliving them with your own team through photos that become heirlooms for generations.