“Everything you need to be great is already inside you.” 

-Darren Hardy

I’m a true believer when you have the time, focus, and support you can truly accomplish anything. As a mother of four I understand how hard it is to juggle business and family life. I’m here to help give you the support, knowledge, and that extra boost to know you CAN do this! I have been photographing people my entire life. Professionally since 2011. And to this day there will always be more to learn. That is what I love about art. It is ever changing! My mentorship isn’t to make you another version of me because that would be boring. Instead I want you to really dig deep and take everything in to find YOU! Stand out in this world with your art and I’ll help you get there.

Xo, Jamie

In-Person Photography Mentoring

This is a full day 1:1 Mentorship that can be customized by you depending on the area you want to focus on. We will meet in person over coffee so I can meet you! Get to know one another and talk all things photography. We will discuss your photography goals and questions you may have. A styled session will be set up and we will shoot and edit it together. This also includes headshots.

Full Day 1:1 Photography Mentorship
($500 retainer to book/$1000 due two weeks prior)

* 8 hour day

* Coffee/Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner provided

* We will talk about the Business End—Portfolio Review, marketing, pricing, CRM etc.

* Headshots

* Styled Session along with discussing the prep. The email prep given before hand. Styling and educating your clients. Useful programs, rental companies, and creating a client closet.

* Editing Together

* Continued Support & Hype Girl! I WILL like and comment on your social media to show you support. I want to see you succeed!

* ADDED BONUS: Booking fee waived if you would like me to photograph your family.

** Book with a friend & SAVE! Full Day 2:1 $1200/person

Shoot-Along 1:1

If you are looking to level up your sessions but don’t have the funds for the full day mentorship this is a second option to shoot along side me and learn how I run my sessions. We will plan a styled session together with your clients or models. I will share how I educate them on the session and styling. We will do a session side by side together so you can learn how my sessions flow and stay emotive, comfortable, and with their story in place.

Shoot-Along 1:1 Photography Mentorship
($300 retainer to book/ $450 due two weeks prior)

* 4 hours

* Meet over zoom. Chat and learn what you’d like to get out of the shoot along. We will also discuss style prep, educating your clients, location of the session, and the overall plan for the session.

* Shoot the session side by side. I’ll show helpful tips to keep the session comfortable, emotive, and focused on their story.

* Headshots

* Continued Support & Hype Girl! I WILL like and comment on your social media to show you support. I want to see you succeed!

** Book with a friend & SAVE! Shoot Along 2:1 $550/person