44th Anniversary 8-7-2020

Lifestyle Session

“The roots of a family tree begin with the love of two hearts.”

Happy 44th Anniversary to my parents! It was so nice having an impromptu photoshoot while they visited all the way from WI. It isn’t always easy living far away from my parents and with the pandemic in full swing we haven’t been able to see each other even more. My parents missed their grandchildren so much they drove all the way to NJ to visit. (And may be to see their daughter too. ha)

They seriously cherish every moment with my children as do my children. They play from sunrise to sunset! They really have a beautiful bond with them and I love watching what my parents do best…being amazing grandparents! 

They did great with my prompts I made especially for them during the shoot! haha

**Dance and hum a song from your wedding day. My Dad started humming Davy Crockett. haha (Not their wedding song and made some great laughs)

**Dad whisper in Moms ear your best version of an elk mating call. hahaha (My Dad’s a big hunter and this was hilarious.)

But in all seriousness I will cherish these photos forever. It was there very first photoshoot of just the two of them besides my kids jumping in a couple. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. 


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