“I am creating the life of my dreams” As I look back at this past year I am in awe of how fast it went but also the growth in my work. In the beginning of this year my goal was to show more emotion when photographing your sessions and as you can see below […]

Storytelling Photography

Re-cap of the Year 12-30-2021

Grandparents & Grandchildren “Grandparents bestow upon their Grandchildren the strength and wisdom that time and experience have given them. Grandchildren bless their Grandparents with a youthful vitality and innocence that help them stay young at heart forever. Together they create a chain of love, linking the past with the future. The chain may lengthen, but […]

Lifestyle Session

Grandparent’s Love 8-30-2020

“Shine like gold. Sparkle like glitter. It’s summa time!” Ahh what a stunning family and session! We won the gamble on weather and were rewarded with this beautiful night! Mama wanted to document their first family session to show the happiness, love and their daughter’s childhood. Karter was such a fun loving little honey that […]

Lifestyle Session

Family Session 8-9-2020

“He walked into my heart like he always belonged there, took down my walls and lit my soul on fire.” ~T.M. Ahh what a beautiful couple’s session! And their fur baby, Louie too! This is their chapter, their love story, and their first fur baby that is 6 month old! Becca and her boyfriend, Scotty […]

Lifestyle Session

Becca & Scotty 7-14-2020