Happy New Year Friends!

Another year doing the damn thing! And I loved every second of it! What I truly love is all my amazing clients that put their trust in me to make the magic. Thank you!

I’ll start with mentioning last years new year blog aspirations on teaching and having a workshop. After some thinking I decided it isn’t time for traveling workshops in my life. As much as I would love to start this it is just too hard with my busy family. Being a mama to my four littles will always take the forefront. But all that being said I know one day I’ll begin teaching. I have two bachelor degrees involving teaching and once I can put more energy in workshops I believe that is the direction I’ll go. Beautiful travel destinations teaching storytelling photography with likeminded photographers is my dream.

This past year was more building and honestly that is where I see 2023, as well. I did a complete rebrand in 2020 which takes time. Building my clientele and finding my market. I am starting this year with a marketing class for photography. It’s important to continue to grow with knowledge even in the areas that aren’t as much fun. Continuing to expand my knowledge and grow and not burnout. Growing, building, and networking is where I’m at right now.

This next year is about expansion also. I added travel location packages for 2023! I now offer special mountain and beach sessions within two hours of travel. This is something I wanted to do for awhile now but it takes time to research and scout further away locations. But, I’m happy at the end of 2022 I found a couple mountain spots to add. This was the pinnacle of my year! My dream locations to shoot at! I’m beyond excited for the next year and to give my clients more magical and unique experiences!

I started 2023 with more changes! The client closet is organized and up! And even more fulfilling is I finally upgraded the entire studio—new rugs, decor, floral installation, and drapery! The entire room is now photographable which has been my goal since I started this brand in 2020! And I have more ideas to add and upgrade going forward. This space is a little piece of heaven and completely represents me and my photography style. Which brings me to my client closet. What a beautiful collection full of high end and unique gowns. Gowns that can fit all shapes and sizes from maternity to non maternity clients XS-XL. There is a beautiful collection of little girl gowns too! Lastly, I started a hat fetish in 2023! There are now two high end beautifully handmade hats with intricate details added to my hat collection. I want clients to add their style of flare to their session and I’m here to help. I also have some bandanas for kids and adults alike to complete that boho look.

I’m excited to see where 2023 take me! It is going on year 12 for my business! Here’s a little preview of 2022!